Linda Humphrey
Auditor & Commissioner of Elections

Debbie Jarr
Deputy Auditor, Election Administrator

Kristi Goodson
Deputy Auditor, Payroll

Deanna Norman
Auditor’s Office Assistant

Know Your County Auditor

ISACA  Iowa State Association of County Auditors

County Auditors in Iowa are elected officials with a variety of duties and responsibilities. Some of these activities differ from county to county based on size, tradition and local preference.

All County Auditors

  • Conduct voter registration and elections
  • Keep maps and records of property ownership
  • Calculate property taxes
  • Pay the county’s bills
  • Process cigarette licenses & beer and liquor permits for unincorporated areas of the county

Most County Auditors

  • Act as the clerk to the Board of Supervisors, keeping the minutes of their meetings
  • Prepare and maintain county budgets
  • Handle county payroll and personnel matters
  • Prepare, maintain & report on county finance

Some County Auditors

  • Oversee courthouse maintenance
  • Act as notaries public

Go to your County Auditor's Office for

  • Voter registration
  • Absentee ballot requests
  • Real estate information

County Auditors closely interact with other governmental offices.

Counties, cities, school districts and other forms of government rely heavily on local property taxes to provide services to the public. County Auditors compile budget data from all jurisdictions that levy property taxes to determine the taxes paid by each property owner.

County Recorders provide Auditors with information on real estate transactions so that the Auditor can keep accurate plat maps and property transfer records.

County Assessors determine the value of each parcel of property in the county and pass these values to Auditors for the computation of tax rates and individual tax amounts.

The Auditor passes the tax list to the County Treasurer, who collects the taxes for all property taxing bodies.

The Auditor works with the Iowa Departments of Management and Revenue and the State Auditor regarding tax and finance matters.

The Auditor works closely with the Iowa Secretary of State regarding elections and  voter registration.

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