Transportation of Waste Across ROW Resolution

Transportation of Waste Across ROW Resolution

Davis County Highway Department

Policy: For pipeline transportation of animal wastes across and over all County right-of-way
Effective Date: August 17, 1998
Revision Date: N/A

The following specifications apply for transporting animal wastes in a pipeline on Davis County right-of-way. A Davis County Utility permit shall be obtained and requirements set forth in this policy shall be made a part of the utility permit. The pipeline site shall be staked and inspected by the Davis County Engineer or his agent before a permit can be approved.

All expenses for the installation and maintenance of animal waste transfer pipeline shall be the responsibility of the owner of the pipeline. The permit holder shall be the current facility owner.

The permit holder shall accept responsibility for any and all costs for any spill or release of wastes associated with this installation on the right-of-way. Violation of any part of this policy will cause revocation of the utility permit and removal of the pip and liner at the permit holders expense.

Crossing Specifications:

Liner – The waste transportation pip shall be placed in a liner. The liner shall be equal to or better than SDR35 plastic sewer pipe. The liner diameter shall be not less than 12 inches in diameter or 2 inches larger than the largest diameter of the waste transport pipe. The waste transport pipe liner shall be placed from right-of-way line to right-of-way line. The pressure pipe shall be placed and maintained in the liner.

Depth of bury – a minimum of 2(two) feet under ditch bottom of as directed by the County Engineer.

Note: Animal waste transport pipes shall not be placed in County roadway ditches or any location on County road right-of-way without having an approved utility permit. The County Engineer shall be the final authority in situations that vary from this policy.

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